The struggle is real

I need to be honest with you here, I absolutely looooove everything that has to do with dairy: Cheese, Yogurt, Pastry, Milk, etc.
When I was still living with my mum who “only” has a lactose intolerance I still got everything I wanted, after that living with my Dad I didn’t even need to think about dairy  problems at all!
Now I’m living together with Alex who is allergic to dairy. This means when I make food and I want to eat cheese or any other dairy product for that matter, that I’m preparing his meal first to avoid any contamination of dairy. Because even the slightest bit can cause an allergic reaction.
At the beginning I still bought normal milk and cheese and all the stuff I would usually eat, but making sure that it doesn’t get in touch with the food Alex is eating can be quite exhausting. So by now whenever I’m grocery shopping I check the ingredients label first to make sure that there is no dairy involved.
Thinking about it, I also reduced my dairy intake drastically. Mostly I try to cook and bake without dairy, but every now and then I have a french friend over, who is bringing the good cheese from France and we’ll cook a nice cheese dinner with it. 😂
There is also a very positive part to this, as my chocolate actually stays my chocolate and I don’t need to worry about it being eaten whilst I’m out of the house. 🍫😂
Overall it really isn’t too bad, it can just be super exhausting to always check the ingredients and I know that Alex hates that allergy too, so I’m trying to make life a little bit easier with cooking and baking food that he usually wouldn’t be able to eat.

2 thoughts on “The struggle is real

  1. Kelsi Toczek says:

    The struggle is definitely real when it comes to your significant other having an allergy you don’t have. I can’t eat dairy, soy, or wheat..and my husband can’t eat dairy..but the cool thing is, he actually realized he felt better removing wheat from his diet. So I guess it’s not all bad, just like you get all the chocolate 😊


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